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for sale sign with sold on top Deciding it's time to sell your home can be a big decision. Team Shepherd, located in beautiful Cañon City, Colorado, understands that making this choice can be difficult. We assure you, we are here to help you every step of the way.

We will not only guide you through the process, step-by-step, but we will be your partners in this journey. Though it can sometimes be stressful, with Team Shepherd on your side, you can rest easy knowing we have the knowledge and skills to make selling your home smooth. 

Where To Start

Don't let the complicated process of home-selling deter you from making the jump to putting your home on the market. 

To get started in selling your home, contact Team Shepherd. We can guide you in the right direction of what you should do. We will then come to your home and do a property assessment and discuss the price at which your home should be listed. 

Though many websites offer property assessments and value estimates, at Team Shepherd, we are the experts in pricing your home. We are longtime Cañon City residents, and our business is selling homes in Fremont County. Don't leave something as important as pricing your home up to a website that doesn't understand the unique market of Cañon City and the surrounding areas. 

Let Team Shepherd Guide You 

Though it may be tempting to take the reins and list your home without an agent, we can assure you, this will make the selling process stressful and overwhelming for anyone who is not a licensed REALTOR®. If you hire Team Shepherd to help you find your new home, we will take care of all of the most cumbersome aspects of buying a home. 

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