What steps should I take to get my house ready to go on the market?

When getting your home ready to sell, the biggest thing to consider is making a first impression. This means, making sure your house is clean, de-cluttered and smelling good for all showings. It's also important to make sure your walls are clean and freshly painted or touched up and that there are no family photos on the walls. 

Many buyers want to picture the home with their things and the way they want it to look. This is why it is important to remove photos of your family from the space. Floors need to be freshly vacuumed and, if they are stained, professionally cleaned. 

Though Team Shepherd can still sell your house if all of these things are not completed, these tips will help you get the price you want and get your house sold quicker. 

How do you determine how much my home is worth?

At Team Shepherd, we consider ourselves experts at determining home worth in Fremont County. The market here is a unique one right now. Some homes are selling within a matter of hours of being on the market.  When determining your home's worth we look at a few factors, including the value or selling price of the homes in your neighborhood. We also look at property value and the average price of homes selling in Fremont County. We will also do a walk through of your home to see what kind of updates have been made, and determine if there are... Read The Rest

Should I include my appliances with the house or take them with me when I move?

The decision on whether to include your appliances in the sale of your home is ultimately up to you. One thing to consider: often times the appliances you have in your home will not fit in your next home. Some people prefer to include them with the house sale because they can be cumbersome to move into a new home. 

Some buyers consider it a plus to move into a home that already has all new and working appliances, but it doesn't add much value to the home itself if you decide to leave them.

Can I be present during showings of my house?

Though technically you CAN be present during house showings, this is not a good idea for many reasons. At Team Shepherd, we always advise our clients to vacate the house during a scheduled showing.

The biggest reason for why this is not a good idea is that potential buyers tend to feel extremely uncomfortable when the homeowner is present. When touring a home, it is important that a potential buyer can be open and honest with their realtor, and if a homeowner is present, this is not possible. 

Do I need to hold an open house in order to sell?

While some realtors love open houses, they aren't necessarily integral in the selling process. If your home is priced the way it should be, and your realtor is doing frequent showings, open houses aren't necessary. Though, if you are partial to them, that is something Team Shepherd can with you on.

How much do I need for a down payment on my home?

In the not so distant past, this answer would have been a resounding 20% for the down payment on your home. But that is no longer the case. The average down payment on most homes is between 3% and 5%, depending on which loan best fits your needs.

However, if you are a military veteran or a current member of the armed forces, you will likely qualify for a VA loan. With VA loans there is no down payment required when purchasing a home. 

Team Shepherd is here to guide you through the whole process and answer any questions you may have regarding which loan might work best for your family.

How long does it take to close on a house?

Typically it takes anywhere from 30 to 45 days to close on a house. With Team Shepherd on your side, we promise to make the home buying process and closing process as quick and thorough as possible. 

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